Nextdoor Observations

I’ve been reading the Group Facebook page for our community for a while now and it is great for sharing pictures and general conversations. However, I’ve been a little frustrated when I try to find something that I read previously. Older posts pop back up when someone comments on them and I find it confusing at times.

I have a Nextdoor account for my neighborhood in Lafayette and I thought it might be a useful web tool for our BEM Community.

Nextdoor creates a website for your neighborhood and then only allows people to join it if they have an address in the defined geographic area for the neighborhood.

I created the neighborhood and anyone in BEM is welcome to join.

I find Nextdoor to be a nice, complement to Facebook, not a replacement for it.

What I like about Nextdoor:

  • You have to have an address in the neighborhood in order to join
    • The geographic area is controlled by the ‘founder’ of the neighborhood and can be changed if needed.
  • You can easily search and find earlier conversations and replies to conversations
  • Content is organized by categories, so it’s easy to find what you’re interested in
    • I get a daily email (this is optional) of: New Conversations, Replies to Previous Conversations and Classified postings.
    • If I don’t see something of interest I delete the email and I don’t even have to goto the site.
    • If I do see something interesting, I click on the message and it takes me to the Nextdoor site.

One thing I don’t like about Nextdoor:

  • I have 2 ‘houses’ and I wanted to join Nextdoor neighborhoods for each
    • Nextdoor required me to create 2 different accounts – WITH DIFFERENT email addresses
    • I wanted to join both neighborhoods – one for my Lafayette address and one for my BEM address
    • I had to create a NEW account with a totally different email address for BEM

How to join our Nextdoor BEM neighborhood:

Click on this link: JOIN Nextdoor BEM

When you join – remember to use your BIG ELK Address!

Nextdoor uses the address you put in to determine which neighborhood you’re joining.

How to use Nextdoor if you have more than 1 Nextdoor Account:

  • You MUST have 2 different email accounts to have 2 Nextdoor accounts
  • The most important thing to avoid confusion is to remember to LOG OUT of your Nextdoor account when you’re done
    • If you don’t – the next time you click on an email message from one neighborhood it opens the Nextdoor site for the last neighborhood you accessed.

What does Nextdoor look like?

Here are a couple of screen shots I took from my ‘other’ neighborhood:

  • Here is what a daily email message looks like:

NextDoor Email Example



  • Here is what it looks like when I click on one of those posts:

NextDoor Page Example

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